Odyssey Puzzles is growing rapidly and we believe this is because our store offers only the finest brands of jigsaw puzzles for adults, presented in a way that, hopefully, fosters an enjoyable shopping experience. We only sell premium jigsaw puzzles, no brain-teasers, games, or accessories. This helps us avoid becoming distracted, thus allowing us to focus much more thoughtfully on ways to support truly outstanding puzzling experiences for our customers. We are very selective in the jigsaw puzzle brands we offer. Our inventory is comprised of only those brands that have proven, year after year, to deliver the finest puzzling experiences to hobbyists and enthusiasts the world over. And we will continue adding new brands, plus adding greater depth to the brands we already represent, as we continue to strengthen our relationship with premium jigsaw puzzle manufacturers, and respond to the requests of our valued customers.


We hope you find the puzzles in this store to be as fun and interesting as we do. We only stock the higher quality puzzle brands and these are represented by a variety of price levels, but please note that we don't equate a puzzles quality with its price. A quality puzzle, in our view, is one that provides an outstanding puzzling experience and may come in any shape, size, theme, price, or design. We believe that each jigsaw puzzle in this store is wonderfully special in its own way and it is our hope that Odyssey Puzzles offers the right amount of "special" for just about anyone. We thank you for visiting and sincerely hope you have a wonderful shopping experience.