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Odyssey Fine Puzzles stocks a nice assortment of Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles from some of the most loved and respected brands. Just click on one of the links below to see our puzzles and to learn more.


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Eric Dowdle's paintings are amazing, and ideally suited for fine wooden jigsaw puzzles. Created in the folk art tradition, each wooden puzzle is an outstanding tribute to a special place, event, or topic. The most impressive feature is the artwork itself, which is mounted directly to 3-ply Finnish birch wood as a giclée printed canvas! The result is a puzzle that looks and feels much like original artwork found in a gallery. This is one of reasons why it's so easy to get hooked on these puzzles!


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13-geode1.jpgWell, here's something different. Inspired by the formation of agates, a colorful type of gemstone, Nervous System has developed a process involving computer simulations to "grow" one-of-a-kind templates that are them transformed to a wooden base. The result is a geode puzzle, one of the most intriguing wooden jigsaw puzzle designs anywhere, and we just happened to get ourselves hooked on them. These are the only wooden puzzles we know of that combine art, science, and technology to produce state of the art puzzles modeled from objects found in nature. And every puzzle is absolutely unique! Click HERE to learn more, or the link above to view our collection.


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zenphoto2.jpgZen puzzles are heirloom-quality, eco-friendly wooden jigsaw puzzles manufactured in the United States. They are exceptionally high-quality, evidenced by the beauty of the intricately cut pieces and wonderful tactile feel. The delightful experience actually begins with the packaging which is easily the best of any of our wooden jigsaw puzzle lines. Inside the box awaits a thoroughly satisfying puzzling experience, enhanced by amazing imagery and the click-clack of premium birch wood. Plus, the folks at Zen have made things even more interesting by incorporating a bit of trickery (false borders and corners) and fun whimsical pieces in every puzzle. Very nice! 



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