About Us

Welcome to our store. We're so glad you're here.

Odyssey Fine Puzzles is the daily work of a "young at heart" couple that decided to commemorate their 36th year of marriage by creating an eCommerce company dedicated exclusively to jigsaw puzzles. And though Odyssey is certainly a labor of love, it's also so much more. Odyssey Fine Puzzles is a serious undertaking driven by determination to provide truly outstanding experiences to jigsaw puzzling enthusiasts, both in shopping for, and in using the products we sell. Our range of products is limited, as are our interests. We only sell the wooden and cardboard jigsaw puzzles for adults, which means that we actively avoid non-jigsaw items such as brain-teasers, games, and accessories. We also know that it will take more than enthusiasm and a love of jigsaw puzzles to succeed at earning the trust and affection of the puzzling community. And that's what this page is about. 

Now, what about the company name? What is a "fine" puzzle anyway?

First of all, it has nothing to do with price. To us, a fine puzzle is primarily one of exceptional quality, but how we define quality may seem unusual. Quality, to us, boils down to two simple words: USER EXPERIENCE. Here's what we mean. How would a person working a puzzle evaluate his/her interaction with it? In other words, what was the quality of the "experience"? Was it great? Awful? Just OK? Time is precious. Why spend it on a puzzle, or anything else for that matter, that doesn't give back more than you put in? If you invest hours or days working a puzzle, you want to feel that it provided an experience of sufficient value to compensate for the time, dollars, emotional energy and any other resources you put into it. Throw in a few ill-fitting pieces, an uninspiring image, or cheap feeling materials and the quality of the experience begins to decline. 

Therefore, our primary focus is not on the quality of the product per se, but on the quality of the user experience. Our customers can therefore be assured knowing that this focus on great puzzling experiences compels us to offer only those brands and products most likely to provide it. And it goes without saying that a poorly crafted puzzle is not compatible with this goal.

Here's a summary of who we are, what we believe, and why we feel we're a little bit special:

1) We will stock and sell only the finest wooden and cardboard jigsaw puzzles, avoiding all others. Not all puzzle brands deliver an exceptional experience. We therefore thoroughly test all brands, but only commit to the finest. Additional brands will be added, but carefully.

2) We will embrace new and innovative jigsaw puzzling experiences, but only those that have potential to please and excite our customers.

3) We will develop long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers through active communication, exceptional service, continuous improvement, outstanding value, and great products.

4) We will demonstrate active commitment to providing great puzzling experiences to our customers and visitors at all times: before, during and after the sale, and even when there is no sale at all.

5) We understand that our customer's trust, once lost, is difficult or impossible to win back. Once earned, it will therefore be cultivated, and we will show our appreciation for the gift of receiving it.

And there you have it. We hope this page provides an idea of who we are, our values, and what we hope to be for those who choose to give us a try. So, let's start a relationship. The responsibility for making it a good one is on us.

Please feel free to read what some our customers have to say about Odyssey Fine Puzzles in the Review section near the bottom of the Home Page, or via the Testimonials tab on our menu bar. Our customer reviews are managed by a 3rd party company, called TrustSpot, which does not permit us to edit or remove any customer review. There is no simply no mechanism for us to alter them. We hope this provides a degree of added assurance to those new to the store who are interested in shopping with us.

Happy puzzling!

Kevin & Julie