Atlantis, 100pc

Atlantis, 100pc

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Adventurers and scientists have searched for and tried to prove Atlantis’s existence for thousands of years. Did it really exist? We may never know. Let your imagination go along with artist Eric Dowdle and join him in this delightful rendition of the beautiful underworld city of Atlantis along with its lush island, exotic sea life and city of gold.

The occupants of the three ships floating on the surface could never imagine what lies directly below them. But here it is, Atlantis. This extraordinary puzzle is bursting with vivid colors, interesting details and more than a few surprises. Who would have expected to find the name "Atlantis" spelled out in the Atlantean language? I guess we need to brush up on our Atlantean. And who is able to locate the Shield of Ares, the Sword of Athena, Neptunes Memorial, or Poseidon? Well they are all there in the puzzle along with many more fun and imaginative things that await discovery. But don't worry. Dowdle includes a map showing the locations of everything. This is a very entertaining puzzle and one that will provide renewed enjoyment no matter how many times it's put together. We highly recommend this puzzle.

Material: Cardboard

Product ID: 2600401 - Pieces: 100 - Finished Size: 20" x 16" - Cut Style: Grid