This colorful illustration of Cancun, Mexico by artist Eric Dowdle is both engaging and educational, providing a marvelous building experience with a well-made, wood puzzle.

Cancun, (WOOD) 500pc : FREE Shipping

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500 - 999


Cancun is one of the top tourist destinations in North America and for good reason. The beaches are phenomenal, water sports are readily available, shopping and nightlife options are plentiful in downtown Cancun. There is also an abundance of opportunities to learn about the culture and history of of the region. Many of these sites are included in this puzzle. The Mayan ruins are found in the top area of the puzzle where we find El Castillo at Chichen Itza and the Mayan Observatory at Chichen Itza. Also included are a variety of figures in ceremonial costume. Xcaret archaeological park is included as are a large number downtown sites, including Jimmie Buffet’s Margaritaville (not exactly authentic to the culture, but a popular stopping off spot for tourists). This is certainly a fun puzzle to build. The artist's colorful mix of well-integrated scenes compresses a huge amount of interesting content into a puzzle-size image and it done in a way that does not appear overly crowded. It's just a well designed puzzle and that's what makes it all work.

Material: WOOD

Product ID: 1500904 - Pieces: 500 - Finished Size: 16" x 20" - Cut Style: Grid


All Dowdle 500-piece wooden puzzles feature a giclée printed canvas mounted on 3-ply Finnish birch. The addition of canvas represents a huge upgrade over most competing brands, adding significantly to the look, feel and value of the puzzle. It is but one of the reasons we are so excited about the wooden puzzles manufactured by this fine company.