An intriguing display of colorful beetles by artist Christopher Marley makes for a delightful puzzling experience, full of interest and wonderfully entertaining.

Christopher Marley: Beautiful Beetles, 300pc

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300 - 499


Whether you like bugs or not, you can't deny that this is quite an intriguing display of design and color. What we have here are beetles that were collected from around the globe by artist Christopher Marley (who, as a child, was afraid of bugs!). For those interested, these are metallic wood-boring beetles from Aru, Australia, Chile, and Irian Jaya. And this is just the type of art that Mr. Marley excels at. We have to admit that we had no idea beetles came packaged in such amazing covers, and definitely agree with Pomegranate that they make for a really spectacular puzzle. So we added this puzzle to our collage category, because it seems like the thing to do, and suggest it will be a wonderful puzzling experience for just about anyone. We hope you like it.

Product ID: 1300700 - Pieces: 300 - Finished Size: 24" x 18" - Cut Style: Grid