This cartoon puzzle from Heye is among the most creative and fun puzzles available today. Its huge cast of characters and many outlandish situations are sure to make for an entertaining build for anyone choosing to build it.

Corsair (Triangular Box), 1000pc

Product ID:
Number of Pieces:
1,000 - 1,499


"Corsair" from Heye is destined to be a classic. As with all cartoon puzzles from Heye, "Corsair" is bursting with detail that is simultaneously original, creative and entertaining. The massive, bungling battle being waged just yards from a beach where sunbathers enjoy the water and soak up the rays (among sharks no less) is simply hilarious, and that's what accounts for much of its appeal. This entire puzzle collection from Heye is certainly among the most popular on the market and it's really not hard to understand why. The cast of characters is huge (hundreds in the case of this puzzle!), and new discoveries consistently turn up during building, which is certainly not typical for most puzzles. And this is just a taste of what makes "Corsair" such a fun puzzle to build. We have built this puzzle ourselves and hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

Material: Cardboard

Product ID: 2105700 - Pieces: 1,000 - Finished Size: 27.6" x 19.7" - Cut Style: Grid