Day of the Dead, 500pc

Day of the Dead, 500pc

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What an amazing jigsaw puzzle! It's certainly original. Some folks may have forgotten that "Day of the Dead" is an actual holiday. It is celebrated in many parts of Mexico, the Central and Southern regions in particular, and takes place annually from October 31 to November 2, corresponding to the Western Christian traditions of All Saints' Eve, All Saints' Day, and and All Souls' Day. The multi-day event brings family, friends and communities together to remember and pray for acquaintances and loved ones who have died, purposing to help support the departed on their spiritual journeys.

An interesting tradition of "Day of the Dead", also referred to as Dia de los Muertos, and one that is of particular relevance to this puzzle, is the calavera (Spanish for skull). This is creatively projected by celebrants via masks and a variety of foods (calavera cookies, etc) with names often inscribed. Initiated in the 18th century, these items may be given as gifts, or as tokens of friendship, respect, and honor, both to the living and the dead. Many ornately decorated examples can be found in this puzzle, mixed among numerous interesting depictions of Mexican architecture, culture and tradition. These things are brought together in a wonderfully satisfying wooden jigsaw puzzle that features colorful representations of actual events artistically illustrated with realism and respect. We are especially pleased to offer this puzzle in our store and we very much hope you enjoy it.

Material: Cardboard

Product ID: 2610500 - Pieces: 500 - Finished Size: 20" x 16" - Cut Style: Grid