A contented blue bear slumbers on a tree branch among a motley assortment of brightly colored birds.

Feeling a Little Blue, 750pc

Product ID:
Number of Pieces:
500 - 999


Feeling a Little Blue is one of Standout's most popular puzzles. Artist Denyse Klette has created an image that is wonderfully creative, richly colored, enjoyable, funny, and impeccably designed, all in one remarkably designed work. The blue bear, obviously quite gentle, is quite content while casually resting on a tree limb. A motley assortment of colorful birds co-habit the various tree branches, a few smuggled quite close, or even on top of the bear itself. Two owls, one inside of the tree and the other, a somewhat stern looking creature to the right, round out the odd mix of avian characters, Note the watchful eyes of the small bird directly in front of the bears nose. Better safe than sorry! Background colors are perfectly supportive of the foreground imagery. It is easy to understand why this puzzle enjoys the popularity that it does.

Material: Cardboard

Puzzle ID: 1800300  -  Pieces: 750  -  Finished Size: 24" x 18"  -  Cut Style: Random (with low-glare linen finish)