Gift Ideas

A Few Special Gift Ideas for the Holidays . . .

We love puzzles, so to us any jigsaw puzzle is a perfect gift! But there are some puzzles that we have found to be a bit more popular when it comes to selecting a gift for a friend or loved one. So we decided that we would list a few on this page. Please feel free to click on any image, or hyperlink to go directly to the puzzles being described. We hope you find the puzzle categories on this page a helpful aid to your holiday shopping. 

 Heye "Triangular Box" Cartoon Puzzles


These wonderful cardboard puzzles (they come in triangular shaped boxes) are highly entertaining and are the most popular cartoon puzzles on the market worldwide. They are manufactured by Heye, a German company known for innovative designs and very high quality. The amount of detail in these puzzles is amazing, and it's easy to get distracted just studying the picture! There's always more to discover in the scenes, even while putting it together, and the humor integrated into each puzzle is pure delight. 

These puzzles come in three piece counts: 1,000 - 1,500 - 2,000.

WOODEN Jigsaw Puzzles


The majority of the wooden puzzles we sell tend to be for gift purposes. It's fun to give wooden puzzles because they're so unique and tend to be very well received. But it's even more fun to receive them because they provide such an enjoyable puzzling experience, and it's always so nice when someone else is paying the higher prices :-)  We offer four brands of wooden puzzles in our store, each special in its own way.

If you're looking for puzzles that include special "whimsical" pieces, you might try Wentworth, or Zen Art & Design. If you would like something a bit more creative with lots of color and plenty of fun detail, then our top end Dowdle Folk Art puzzles may appeal. And, if you you really want something unique and different, then you can't go wrong with Nervous System.  

 StandOut Puzzles

standout-tubes.jpg StandOut is one of our most popular cardboard puzzle brands, evidenced by the fact that first-time StandOut buyers tend to come back for more. The puzzle pieces are very high in quality, the finish is low-glare, images are crisp, and the designs are simply marvelous. But what really makes these puzzles particularly special gift items is the packaging. The puzzles come in tubes with very nice labeling and metal caps on both ends. Most StandOut puzzles are 750-pieces and also come with a small pack of extra pieces (called "standouts") that don't actually belong, but can optionally be tossed in with the other puzzle pieces for an added challenge. Wonderfully original, and great fun!

Pomegranate "Tins" for a Quick Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge (great stocking stuffer)

monarch-butterfly-tree.jpg These attractive metal boxes contain a 100-piece cardboard puzzle manufactured to the same high-quality standards characteristic of all Pomegranate puzzles. Each hinged "tin" measures 6.5" x 5" x .75", which means they're small enough to drop inside a purse or a briefcase to carry on the road. They're also a perfect way to satisfy a puzzle craving when available time is short.

Tribute to the U.S. Armed Forces

armedforcespuzzles.jpg This collection of cardboard puzzles from Dowdle Folk Art is a wonderful tribute to the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. The collection includes individual puzzles representing each branch of service, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and National Guard. These puzzles are exceptionally well-designed, with each depicting important milestones and historically significant scenes. The character of each branch of service is marvelously presented, and we are honored to have them in our store.


zozovillepics.jpg Looking for something a little different, and lots of fun? Welcome to ZoZoVille! These quirky puzzles have gained quite a following, and their popularity actually took us a bit by surprise. Now we find ourselves hooked on these puzzles as well! ZoZoVille is all about a community of marvelous monsters, the creative work of a pair of talented German artists who are experiencing quite a bit of unexpected fame. ZoZoVille puzzles were very popular gift items last Christmas, and due to two new releases in 2019 (Monsta Hi! and Laundry Day), we expect all eight of these entertaining puzzles to be very popular choices this year as well. 

Galison Puzzles

spring-on-park-avenue-box.jpg We decided to add Galison Puzzles to our gift list primarily due to their packaging. Galison puzzle boxes are absolutely fantastic! They are extremely sturdy, and tastefully decorated with very nice imagery and useful information, even on the back of the box. These well-made boxes are, in our opinion, among the most solid and visually appealing of any puzzle manufacturer, and this translates to very nice first impressions, an important consideration when selecting a gift. But our focus on the box is not meant to take anything away from the quality of the puzzle inside, which is also quite impressive. In short, Galison puzzles provide excellent value all around, from first impression, to the puzzling experience, and even the cost of the puzzle itself, a winning combination.

Alexander von Humboldt collection by Heye Puzzles

seljalandsfoss-waterfall-29769.jpg This beautiful collection of puzzles is based on a series of striking photographs created in honor of Alexander von Humboldt, a German naturalist born 1769. Humboldt travelled the world extensively, discovering the beauty of nature in its many forms. He is regarded the co-founder of geography, and his contributions to the natural sciences were substantial. The puzzles in this collection are remarkable for their timeless beauty, and are very popular with puzzle enthusiasts the world over. They are a pleasure to assemble, though perhaps not recommended for beginners. Finished Humboldt puzzles also make outstanding wall hangings.

Disney "Villainous" Series


Here's a fun set of puzzles that is absolutely perfect for the Disney fans on your list. Each of the six puzzles in the Disney Villainous Series is dedicated to a well-known Villain along with the cast of characters associated with it. Included in the series are Captain Hook, Jafar, Maleficent, Prince John, Queen of Hearts, and Ursula. In each puzzle, the Villain occupies center stage via a large, colorful portrait, while the other characters adorn the walls in a variety of creatively designed frames. The puzzles are great fun and can make marvelous wall decorations once completed.

These very well-made, 1000-piece cardboard puzzles are manufactured by Ravensburger.