This picture features the vibrant colors and bold design of artist Dean Russo, who has created in this instance a perfect image for puzzling.

Jolly Pets: Dogs Never Lie, 1000pc

Product ID:
Number of Pieces:
1,000 - 1,499


"Dogs Never Lie" from Heye Puzzles is a creation by artist Dean Russo. It is part of the Jolly Pets collection, all of which feature bold, vibrant colors with highly distinctive designs. Puzzles in this collection are absolutely perfect for puzzling and offer just the right blend of difficulty, interest and fun. The dog itself stands out very well against a painted background of blue and white. The endearing words between the dog's ears "Dogs Never Lie About Love" complete the picture in an especially satisfying way. We wholeheartedly recommend all of the puzzles in this collection without reservation, though this one is our favorite.

Material: Cardboard

Product ID: 2106000 - Pieces: 1,000 - Finished Size:19.7" x 27.6" - Cut Style: Grid