Kittens Knittin' Mittens, (WOOD) 500pc : FREE Shipping

Kittens Knittin' Mittens, (WOOD) 500pc : FREE Shipping

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"Three little kittens, they lost their mittens, and they began to cry...", and so the rhyme goes. But we should thank artist Eric Dowdle because now we finally know the real story of how the kittens got their mittens back. They knitted new ones!

This is such a delightful puzzle, fun and enjoyable for any age. The creative arrangement of the cats surrounded by colorful balls of yarn, the patterns on the mittens, the two mischievous kittens at the bottom of the scene, and even the basket with the small kitten peaking over the edge, all come together to make this an especially delightful puzzle. So if you're looking for a puzzle to help make you forget all of those nagging cares and worries, this would be it. Enjoy! 

Material: WOOD

Product ID: 1514104 - Pieces: 500 - Finished Size: 20" x 16" - Cut Style: Grid - 30% Off


All Dowdle 500-piece wooden puzzles feature a giclée printed canvas mounted on 3-ply Finnish birch. The addition of canvas represents a huge upgrade over most competing brands, adding significantly to the look, feel and value of the puzzle. It is but one of the reasons we are so excited about the wooden puzzles manufactured by this fine company.