Original Collection, #31: Safari Surprise!, 1000pc

Original Collection, #31: Safari Surprise!, 1000pc

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The Wasgij Wildlife tour vehicle is packed to overflowing and the safari is underway. The guests are enjoying a fascinating countryside populated by many species of native wildlife as they pull up to a popular waterhole. That's when something unexpected suddenly appears. But what is it? What has the guests howling with amazement as they reach for their cameras? Imagine that you are the Ranger sitting behind the driver. His view is the one you have to puzzle. Don't puzzle what you see on the box... puzzle what the Ranger sees!

Helpful hints are provided on the inside of the box cover and also online if needed.

Material: Cardboard

Product ID: 2203100 - Pieces: 1,000 - Finished Size: 26.77" x 19.29" - Cut Style: Grid