• Explore the lost city of Atlantis while building this amazing and highly interesting puzzle from Dowdle Folk Art. Quick view

    Dowdle Folk Art

    Atlantis, 500pc

    Adventurers and scientists have searched for and tried to prove Atlantis’s existence for thousands of years. Did it really exist? We may never know. Let your imagination go along with artist Eric Dowdle and join him in this delightful rendition of...

  • A pampered pool cat surrounded by every type of tasty treat imaginable makes for a fun puzzling experience for just about any age group. Quick view


    B. Kliban: PoolCat, 300pc

    Here's a cat that knows how to live in style! "Pool Cat" from Pomegranate is a highly enjoyable puzzle and perfect for just about any age. We see here a pampered kitty floating in a cat-sized pool and surrounded by just about everything a spoiled cat...

  • A contented blue bear slumbers on a tree branch among a motley assortment of brightly colored birds. Quick view


    Feeling a Little Blue, 750pc

    Feeling a Little Blue is one of Standout's most popular puzzles. Artist Denyse Klette has created an image that is wonderfully creative, richly colored, enjoyable, funny, and impeccably designed, all in one remarkably designed work. The blue bear,...

  • Quick view

    Dowdle Folk Art

    Imaginary Dragons, 500pc

    Fly with imposing dragons of all shapes and colors. Take up arms for a mighty battle with heroic knights brandishing sword and shield. Defend your castle from the evil dragon lords Superbia, Ira, and Avaritia. Or not. This is a fascinating puzzle, quite...

  • An imaginative, colorful and quite interesting jigsaw puzzle from Pomegranate featuring a lone tree with supporting a delightful canopy of Monarch butterfly "leaves". Quick view


    Paul Heussenstamm: Monarch Tree, 300pc

    What a fun idea! Create a tree and replace every leaf with a colorful Monarch butterfly. Then place it before a brilliant blue gradient background. This is what we have in this wonderful jigsaw puzzle by artist Paul Heussenstamm. We might be concerned by...

  • A worldly cat, packed and ready to head out on another adventure. Quick view


    The Globe Trotter, 1000pc

    This is one of our favorite JaCaRou Puzzles. The colors are vibrant, the creativity of the artwork is compelling and the image itself is just plain fun! A monocle wearing cat with top hat complete with multi-color feathers, and coordinating tie... and...

  • Here we see the "Wishing Tree" along with a young girl engaged in quiet contemplation. This is a wonderfully designed puzzle, one that will provide relaxation and enjoyment to anyone who undertakes to build it. Quick view


    Wishing Tree, 1000pc

    Jeremiah Ketner is an American artist known for richly colored paintings inhabited by a cast of dreamy and whimsical subjects. He attributes his distinctive style to a variety of influences including Art Nouveau, Japanese Aesthetics and Anime. This...