A fun puzzle by folk artist Eric Dowdle where we see it raining cats and dogs, much to the delight of the children and the bewilderment of the cats and dogs.

Raining Cats and Dogs, 500pc

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Number of Pieces:
500 - 999


Better fetch some sturdier umbrellas because this is one heck of a shower! "Raining Cats and Dogs" by artist Eric Dowdle is the perfect puzzle for any child, or child at heart. It's certainly fun, but especially creative. The children are ecstatic without exception. The cats and dogs are just down right funny. One cat is floating down with a parachute, a playful dog is trying to catch up to a ball as both plummet downward, another dog is soaring diagonally with the help of a red cape, and a Dalmatian puppy is taking it all in. This is a great gift puzzle that would be hard for anyone not to like.  

Material: Cardboard

Product ID: 2604500 - Pieces: 500 - Finished Size: 20" x 16" - Cut Style: Grid