The Sting of APEP, 1000pc

The Sting of APEP, 1000pc

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It's an age old mystery, and now it's UP TO YOU to solve the strange 1917 death of Robby O'Shea within sight of the pyramids and his faithful camel Shep. You are presented with the facts of the crime, the suspects, the witnesses, the clues, and the hypothesis - so let's see if you're up to the task. Who is the culprit? Was it Wilson, or Edwin, or was it Rosalee (no, please tell me it wasn't Rosalee)? And what's up with the cobra? So get busy, don't tarry, solve the case . . . because the world awaits your verdict !!!

Material: Cardboard

Product ID: 1724400 - Pieces: 1,000 - Finished Size: 30" x 24" - Cut Style: Grid/Ribbon