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This puzzle by Cobble Hill is an especially endearing portrayal of the arrival of the Maji, or Wise Men, to the birthplace of Jesus Christ. It is very well-designed and features a nicely blended array of colors throughout. Quick view

Cobble Hill

Arrival of the Maji, 1000pc

"Arrival of the Maji" by Cobble Hill portrays the arrival of the Three Wise Men, or Three Kings, a group of distinguished foreigners who visited Jesus after his birth. The Maji came bearing gifts of...

A very appealing Nativity scene from White Mountain presents a picture of joy and contentment  that we hope will be shared by all who thoughtfully consider this remarkable puzzle. Quick view

White Mountain

O Night Divine, 1000pc

"O Night Divine" is a lovely Nativity scene, definitely one of our favorites, thought it's beginning to seem that we say this about all Nativity scenes! The seriousness of the events unfolding are...

This puzzle is a wonderful portrayal of the Nativity by artist Eric Dowdle featuring an unusual but highly satisfying mix of colors and very well thought-out design. Quick view

Dowdle Folk Art

Nativity, 500pc

Feel the night come aglow in this beautiful painting of the nativity. Shepherds, livestock and wise-men reverence this historical scene as an angel heralds the birth of the Savior. It would be hard...